Get listed on GayWeddings and reach more couples!

WeddingWire, the nation’s leading wedding technology company, has collaborated with GayWeddings, the pioneering planning resource for same-sex couples, to provide the most comprehensive database of LGBTQ-friendly wedding professionals.

Partnership Overview

Together, WeddingWire and GayWeddings empower engaged couples and LGBTQ-friendly wedding professionals throughout the planning process. Wedding professionals listed on WeddingWire can easily opt-in to the GayWeddings directory, as well as create a custom main image to display on GayWeddings to be inclusive of all couples!

Additional Details

For more details on premium WeddingWire membership, including exposure across the WeddingWire Network and GayWeddings, please complete the form, and your local WeddingWire representative will be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions about GayWeddings Listings

WeddingWire powers the local LGBTQ-friendly vendor directory and reviews on GayWeddings, the leading online boutique and planning resource for same-sex couples. Opting your business into GayWeddings provides you with an opportunity to reach more same-sex couples planning their wedding and searching for wedding professionals.

  1. Why is GayWeddings part of the WeddingWire Network?

    Our goal is simple: We want to increase your business’ online exposure to help you reach more engaged couples. As the majority of engaged couples utilize numerous sites throughout their planning process, expanding the WeddingWire Network to include highly relevant wedding planning sites is a great way to get more visibility for your business.

    WeddingWire powers GayWeddings, making it the most comprehensive directory of LGBTQ-friendly wedding professionals. As a WeddingWire member, you have the opportunity to expand your exposure with placement on GayWeddings, along with the additional sites in the WeddingWire Network, with just one account.

  2. Is GayWeddings owned by WeddingWire?

    Yes. In June 2015, WeddingWire acquired its long-standing partner, GayWeddings, as a seamless extension of our relationship and dedication to providing resources to all couples and the wedding professionals who wish to serve them. Together, we commit to our mission to serve all couples by providing tools, ideas, resources, and information to support a vision of a fully inclusive marketing of wedding professionals and engaged couples.

  3. Are all members listed in the WeddingWire vendor directory on GayWeddings?

    Only businesses who choose to be listed on GayWeddings are displayed. By selecting that you provide services for same-sex couples on your WeddingWire account, this will allow same-sex couples searching on any of WeddingWire’s Network of sites to find your business and know you serve the LBGTQ audience. Here are the details:

    •  How to Add Your Business Listing: In order to add your business listing to GayWeddings, you have to indicate that you do provide services for LGBTQ Weddings/Ceremonies in the FAQ Section of your WeddingWire account.

    •  How to Remove Your Business Listing: In order to remove your business listing from GayWeddings, you have to indicate that you do not provide services for LGBTQ Weddings/Ceremonies in the FAQ Section of your WeddingWire account.

    To check and update your service settings, simply log in to update the FAQ section of your WeddingWire account. Any changes to your account will be reflected on GayWeddings and the additional sites in our network within several hours.

  4. How do I update my LGBTQ Weddings/Ceremonies settings in my WeddingWire account?

    Your LGBTQ Weddings/Ceremonies settings can be updated in the FAQ section of your WeddingWire account. To access your FAQ section:

    •  Log in to your WeddingWire account, and click on the “Storefront” tab

    •  Click “Edit Storefront

    •  Click “Business Details

    •  Click “Manage

    •  Check that you serve “LGBTQ Weddings/Ceremonies

    •  Click “Save

    Once you have completed these steps, you are all set! Your business will be listed as part of the GayWeddings vendor directory within 24 hours, in accordance with your WeddingWire membership level.

    Next, be sure to update your main image to be inclusive, or to feature an LGBTQ couple!

  5. I currently have premium WeddingWire membership. How will my listing appear on GayWeddings?

    Your premium placement will be respected on GayWeddings as long as you indicate in the FAQ section of your WeddingWire account that you provide services for LGBTQ Weddings/Ceremonies. We encourage you to login to your WeddingWire account to make any necessary updates to your FAQ section.

  6. How do I manage my listing across GayWeddings?

    You manage your account through WeddingWire. Any changes you make to your WeddingWire account (add new photos, update your About Us section, etc.) will be reflected on our network sites, including GayWeddings.

  7. How can I customize my listing on GayWeddings?

    Showcase your business on GayWeddings and customize your listing to be tailored to same-sex couples. You are able to select a seaprate LGBTQ-friendly or inclusive main image to display on your GayWeddings Storefront. To set an inclusive main image:

    •  Log in to your WeddingWire account

    •  Click on the “Storefront” tab

    •  Click “Edit Storefront

    •  Navigate to the “Main Image” section, then “GayWeddings” to customize your main image on GayWeddings

    •  Select “Upload New” to choose an image from your computer. Click “Submit”.

    •  Select “Choose from Photos” to choose an image that you have uploaded to your WeddingWire listing. Click on the photo of your choice.

    •  Preview your Storefront on GayWeddings by selecting “View Storefront on GayWeddings

    Once you have completed these steps, which are also outlined step-by-step in this file, you are all set!

    Additionally, we encourage you to request reviews from past clients and make updates to your About Us section to be inclusive of all couples.

  8. What is the Wed We Can movement?

    Wed We Can is a movement to celebrate the unions of all loving couples, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Wed We Can is a resource for the LGBTQ community, engaged couples, straight allies, and wedding professionals. They can share their support and access educational resources, wedding planning tools, and LGBTQ-friendly vendors, and, finally, get the latest information and updates surrounding marriage equality.

    Learn more on the Wed We Can website.

  9. What if I still have questions?

    If you still have questions about GayWeddings, please contact WeddingWire Support.