With Messages you can:

  • Stay organized

    Track all of your conversations with vendors in one place, even replies from your personal email.

  • Get notified

    Receive an instant notification when vendors respond to your inquiries.

  • Reply easily

    Use your email address, the WeddingWire app, or log into your WeddingWire account to respond to vendors.

WeddingWire Messages make it simple to manage all your vendor communication in one place. Available on desktop and mobile so you can keep your wedding planning on track anytime, anywhere.


  • What is Messages?

    Messages is your communication hub for all conversations with vendors. Messages makes it easy to reply to vendors, manage your conversations and track your booked vendors all in one place!

  • Will I receive a notification each time a vendor contacts me?

    Yes, you will receive an email notification and a notification within your WeddingWire account.

  • Will I be able to reply to vendors or messages without logging into WeddingWire?

    Yes, you'll be able to easily hit 'reply' within the notification email and respond to your vendor or message right there. You can also respond using the WeddingWire app for iOS or Android. The message will also be logged in your Messages account for easy reference or to respond any time.

  • If I reply by email, will those messages show up in my Messages account?

    Yes, your conversations will be organized in one place in your Messages account regardless of whether you reply via email, the WeddingWire app, or within your WeddingWire account.

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