Promote your GayWeddings Listing

Promote your listing on GayWeddings and boost your Storefront traffic. Simply follow these steps to add a badge to your business website or blog.

  1. Step 1: Choose your badge design
  2. Step 2: Get your custom code
    Enter your Storefront URL and Storefront Name
    1. Log into your WeddingWire account.
    2. Navigate to “Storefront” in your account, then click “Edit Storefront.”
    3. Click “View Storefront on GayWeddings” and copy the URL from your browser.
    4. Paste the copied URL into the Storefront URL field.
    5. Enter the name of your business as listed on GayWeddings in the Storefront Name field.
    How to find your Storefront URL
    Congrats! You’ve created your GayWeddings Storefront badge. Simply copy and paste this custom code into your website or blog.
    Next, learn more about the GayWeddings and WeddingWire partnership, as well as how to opt in to the GayWeddings directory. Have additional questions? Contact us!