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The Basics

The not so basic basics — there has been a big shift in the last ten years when it comes to the marrying age, average spending on weddings, and popular wedding months to get married!

Don't worry if your S.O. hasn't popped the question just yet! Couples today are marrying older AND having longer engagements.

26 30

Average age of marrying female

29 32

Average age of marrying male

Too hot? Couples are shifting from summer to fall when it comes to their wedding date

Calendar labeled 2007. The months May, June, and July are highlighted

10 years and over $10k later... Although the guest list size hasn't changed much, couples are spending more on their weddings (and more per guest!).

$16,000 $28,000

Average spend on ceremony/reception

arrow pointing to the $28,000 statistic

81% increase in spending!

$145 $240

Spend per guest

110 120

Number of guests

So with couples spending MORE on their wedding... who foots the bill?

28% 36% 36%
10% 46% 44%

The Proposal

From engagement ring prices to sharing your #justsaidyes moment and wedding day details, let's see how popping the question has changed in the last decade.

Engagement Ring Spend

$2,600 $5,000
arrow pointing to the $5,000 statistic

Almost doubled!

Shout it from the rooftops! With social media sites like Instagram launching in 2010, couples are using social media to share their #justsaidyes moment and wedding details.

How announced: Social net-
working site

29% 64%

Announced engagement via social media or a video

18% 64%

Say cheese!

Took engagement photos with their partner

Wedding Websites help wedding guests learn more about wedding + registry details.

icon of a web browser

Created a wedding website

arrow pointing to the 59 percent statistic

That's almost a 400% increase!

The Details

The last 10 years have certainly impacted pre-wedding and day-of details.

With so many new options, couples turn to wedding planners to help with logistics and alternative registries to get the items they really need.

11% 31%

Hired a wedding planner to help with all or some of their wedding logistics.

3% 21%

Used an alternative registry (i.e., honeymoon fund, house down payment, etc.)

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party has evolved from one night to a weekend excursion.

icon of a plane flying from a house icon to a beach umbrella icon
8% 34%

Traveled out-of-state for either bachelor/bachelorette party destination

Trends on trends - day-of details have evolved over the last 10 years. Did any of these apply to your wedding?

17% 49%

Incorporated a theme into decor (i.e., beach, rustic, etc.)

8% 24%

Had a signature cocktail

28% 54%

Provided guests with an alternative dessert rather than a cake

arrow pointing to the alternative dessert statistic

That's nearly 1 in 4 couples!

41% 26%

Ceremony was held in a place of worship

The Planning

Is there pressure behind planning? Learn about couples' top concerns, how apps help, and who says they're doing the planning.

The most challenging aspects of wedding planning have remained the same:


Determining budget / guest size


Making decisions


Keeping track of expenses

With wedding planning apps, it's now easy to plan on the go. Couples are spending more hours planning and taking time to visit more venues in person.


Used a wedding planning app

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Average number of hours spent planning per week

44% 64%

Percent viewed 3+ venues in person

It takes a village! Typically one person assumes the heavy lifting, but with wedding planning, everyone gets in on the fun!

22% 37%

say the bride did all the planning

83% 92%

say the groom did at least some planning

59% 69%

say the parents did at least some planning

The Vendor Team

Couples acknowledge that online information makes it easier to develop a short-list of vendors to hire.

Finding the perfect wedding vendors is easier thanks to technology, allowing couples to find and book vendors more simply.

86% 96%

Percent researched at least 1 vendor online

5 8

Average number of vendors researched online

47% 72%

Said seeing venues/vendors online made it easier to develop a short list of places to see


Average number of vendors hired

arrow pointing to the 13 vendors hired statistic

More than

When it comes to vendor communications, texting has increased but the telephone is still the number one method of communication.

icon of a smartphone

Call their vendor

icon of two stacked speech bubbles

Text with vendor

Not only do vendors help alleviate the pressure of wedding planning, but they also remain friends with the couples they work with!

38% 65%

Really enjoyed working with their wedding vendors

16% 40%

Became friends with their wedding vendors